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Welcome to our Practice

Welcome to Clark Dental Studio!

We’re so glad you stopped by to learn more about our practice. It’s our goal to provide you and your family with the most comfortable and pleasant dental experience you’ve ever had!

Dr. James Kimball established his practice at this location nearly 40 years ago, serving patients from Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Dr. Matt Clark recently purchased the current practice, Clark Dental Studio, and is grateful to Dr. Kimball for the wonderful care he has consistently provided to his patients. We’re very excited about carrying on his tradition of excellence!

Our Core Values Put Your Needs First

We understand that many people are fearful about visiting the dentist. Over the years, our wonderful team has worked with fearful patients, helping them to overcome their fears. Using a friendly, compassionate approach, we’ll show you that it really isn’t necessary to spend your life avoiding dental visits due to anxiety.

When you have scheduled time with us, our focus is completely on you and your needs. We spend the time it takes to get to know you because we’ve found it’s the best way to put you at ease and help us understand your concerns. And when you know you’re being cared for by people who care about your feelings, suddenly dental care seems a lot less challenging!

We are committed to treating all our patients with the highest degree of respect and understanding. If we believe you need a particular procedure, we’ll take the time to discuss why it’s necessary and how it will benefit your oral health. By making decisions together, we ensure that you receive the care that’s best suited to your needs.

We Take the Stress Out of Managing Dental Care

You probably have financial concerns about your dental care, and we want to do everything we can to minimize these worries for you.

If you’re insured, you may have lots of questions about what is and isn’t covered and how it will affect your dental care. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of insurance coverage and benefits and ensure you always receive the maximum benefits offered under your policy.

We work with a number of insurance companies, including Delta Dental, Cigna, Aetna, and River Health. However, we are happy to file all insurance claims for our patients’ convenience. Please contact our Chattanooga dental office with your insurance questions and we’ll find the answers you’re looking for!

If you’re not insured, that's no problem, either. We accept all major credit cards and also offer interest-free CareCredit financing. CareCredit allows you to arrange easy monthly payments that fit your budget. Please contact our office to learn more about this convenient interest-free financing option and apply for instant approval.

Please Call to Schedule Your First Appointment!

Are you tired of dealing with dental practices where you feel your needs aren’t being met? Managing your oral health care is vital to your overall well-being, and we want to make it a pleasure for you to be an active part of that process.

Please call our Chattanooga dental office to arrange a convenient appointment so you can experience top-notch service in a warm and inviting environment. We look forward to welcoming you!

Teeth Whitening

Nothing makes a great first impression like a beautiful, sparkling smile. It’s always fun to see the delight on our patients’ faces when they look in the mirror and see the results of a professional whitening treatment. 

But these days, it can be a challenge to keep your teeth bright and white. Age is a factor, but consuming coffee and red wine, as well as using tobacco products, gradually causes our teeth to become dull and discolored.

Clark Dental Studio is pleased to offer an affordable and efficient solution that leaves you with a beautiful smile in just two short weeks. 

Store-Bought vs. Professional Whitening

Overwhelmed by all the teeth whitening products you see at your local drug store? Do they all really do what they claim?

Despite their promises, all over-the-counter whitening products usually do is deliver disappointing results. These products will never produce the dramatic results you will see with professional teeth whitening treatments.

In fact, too much whitening can actually damage your dental enamel, so we suggest you leave this effective cosmetic treatment in the hands of professionals. We can prescribe prescription-strength whitening gels and customized products that will get your teeth the whitest they can be.

Convenient Take-Home Whitening Kits

For your convenience, we’re pleased to offer a take-home whitening kit that is completely customized to your needs. Unlike generic store-bought whitening trays, our trays are made using highly precise digital impressions of your teeth. This means the trays fit perfectly, cover all surfaces of your teeth evenly, and provide the most consistent results.

We will also prescribe a professional whitening gel that is appropriate for your level of sensitivity. Many patients we see have had a teeth whitening treatment in the past that caused gum irritation afterward. If this is the case for you, we’ll find a concentration of whitener that will get your teeth as white as they can be without the discomfort of irritated gums.

We’ll give you instructions on using the kit before you leave our office. Generally, you wear the trays every day for a period of about two weeks. After treatment is completed, you’ll be thrilled at the results you see in the mirror! No more dull or discolored teeth – just a big, bright smile!

Call Today for an Appointment

We always recommend a professional dental cleaning before any teeth whitening treatment. A cleaning at our Chattanooga dental office will clear away the plaque and tartar from your teeth. This leaves you with a “clean slate” so you can get the best possible results from your whitening.

The team at Clark Dental Studio would love to see you smile with confidence again. If you feel self-conscious that your teeth are not as bright as you’d like, please call to schedule a dental cleaning today!