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Why should I worry about gum disease?

Periodontal disease (gum disease) has become a widespread problem in the last several decades. You need to worry about gum disease because it is the number one cause of tooth loss for adults.

Gum disease starts when plaque and tartar are allowed to remain on your teeth, creating a perfect environment for bacteria to develop. This opens up small pockets between your teeth and gums, which cause your teeth to feel loose. If the problem is not corrected with professional periodontal treatment, you put yourself at serious risk for losing the tooth.

It’s also important to know that gum disease impacts your overall health. There is evidence that bacteria present with gum disease can set off an inflammatory process that can lead to heart attack or stroke. Research has also shown that chronic infections in your mouth may be linked to diabetes, pneumonia, and other health problems.

Would you like to avoid ever having to worry about gum disease and all the problems it creates? The solution is very easy – prevention. Follow sound at-home oral hygiene practices and stay current with routine appointments for professional dental cleanings at Clark Dental Studio.

If you have gum disease, we offer treatments that will stop its progress and keep it under control. Otherwise, please call our office today to schedule your next routine exam and cleaning.

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