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Should I get a bridge or implants?

Let me answer this by telling a story. I’m always surprised by how expensive tires are when I go the mechanic. The last flat tire that I had replaced was almost $200. If a mechanic told me that I need to replace my tires every 50K miles and everytime I do that, it’s going to be almost $800, OR I could buy 4 ‘ultra long distance’ tires that last 200K miles for $1500. I would immediately do the math and know that I probably wouldn’t need to buy tires again if I buy the longer lasting tires. That’s how I feel about implants. With a success rate of greater than 95%, with proper care, dental implants are a great restorative option. 
It’s also nice to keep a one tooth problem a one tooth problem, meaning that if you lose one tooth, put back one tooth- don’t bring two other teeth into the mix unnecessarily. When only looking at replacing one tooth with an implant or getting bridge, in normal cases, the implant is only about 25% more. I also say that there are still cases that a traditional bridge is a better option, but with the advancement of implant technology and surgical techniques, they are becoming more rare.

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